Corporate philosophy

Since its foundation in 2000 Conpair has set itself the goal to keep the German Mittelstand economically independent and strong.
To achieve this goal, Conpair analyses all relevant economical aspects of its clients and develops customized solutions based on this analysis. This includes equipping mid-sized companies with intelligent financing solutions to ensure a frictionless flow of capital. Conpair also ensures sustainable succession management and supports its clients in all of their steps and negotiations. Especially in the healthcare sector Conpair has built up a comprehensive expertise over the last years and supports its clients in economic consulting, financing questions and the assistance of company transactions.


The Conpair network

Our extensive network is our guiding principle, trademark and deep-rooted in our history. It allows us to successfully connect renowned investors and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on their path to economic independence. This is reflected by our company’s name and mission statement: conpair = connecting pairs

conpair Netwerk

Through our many years of work and experience we were able to set up a dense network that supports our clients in corporate finance transactions and during all transaction steps. We provide access to our network if it is beneficial to our clients:

From renowned bank partners, consultants specialized in advising SMEs, auditors, attorneys and other cooperation partners in financial services to successful entrepreneurs.

conpair Netwerk
conpair verbindet

> 20

years of experience in the market

> 300


> 3 bn €

transaction volume



Entrepreneurial spirit

Extensive network

Local roots in the Ruhr area

Our advisory services

Conpair provides assistance throughout the entire transaction process, beginning with the initiation and resulting in the completion of the transaction.

Conpair structures complex financing solutions.

Conpair connects companies and investors.

Conpair has a profound expertise in the field of healthcare and applies it in all business areas.

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