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Conpair was founded in 2000 by Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles. Besides him there are more successful entrepreneurs among the shareholders. The extensive network allows Conpair to successfully connect renowned investors and SMEs since its foundation.

In 2001, the National-Bank AG located in Essen became a strategic investor in Conpair. Additionally Conpair has been able to strengthen its operational development in 2002 through the exclusive private equity fund management of a large German insurance company.

In the following years Conpair developed its corporate finance business and set up numerous tailored financing solutions for a broad client base. Since 2004, Conpair acted as a sourcing partner for a standardised mezzanine fund. Conpair was exclusively responsible for the monitoring of portfolio companies in three mezzanine funds.

In 2007, all participations held by the private equity fund were successfully sold. The next year after, Conpair entered a partnership with Merck Finck & Co. Privatbankiers AG, which also became a shareholder. Additional monitoring agreements with institutional investors who had been investing in SMEs were closed in 2009.

10 years after its foundation Conpair reached a cumulated transaction volume of more than 1 bn. Euro. In 2011 Conpair became capital market partner of the market segment “der mittelstandsmarkt” of the Düsseldorf stock exchange and supported the successful placement of numerous SME corporate bonds. This included bond placements for e.g. Semper idem Underberg GmbH and Valensina GmbH. During the same year the Conpair shares of National-Bank were bought out by the management of Conpair and committed entrepreneurs.

Among other clients, Conpair advised Bastei-Lübbe and Procar on their corporate bond tap. In 2011 and 2012 Conpair was awarded with the “Best Advisor – Mittelstandasanleihen” prize by the Bond Magazine. As a financial advisor, Conpair prepared the successful IPO of Bastei Lübbe AG in 2013.

In the following years Conpair has been expanding its service range with innovative financing solutions for the German Mittelstand. Conpair covers all corporate finance segments with their subdivisions “Equity Advisory”, “Liquidity Advisory” and “Debt Advisory”.

Since 2016, Conpair has increasingly been involved in transactions in succession planning, M&A as well as needs-based financing solutions for medium-sized companies.

As a result of these intensified activities, a milestone transaction for Conpair's strategic orientation in the healthcare sector was completed at the beginning of 2019. With the support of the majority share sale of the REHACON Group to Waterland Private Equity as well as further subsequent transactions in the health sector, Conpair has established itself as a specialist for M&A transactions in this sector.

Due to the consequent focus on the sector Health Care in the last years Conpair was able to close five transactions in this sector in the second quarter of 2020, even during the peak phase of the Corona Pandemic.

Based on the success in the "Health Care" sector, Conpair has sharpened the individual business segments once again in mid 2020. Thus the activities of Conpair are now divided into the three business segments "Corporate Finance", "Mergers & Acquisitions" and "Health Care".

Based on the numerous, partly newly acquired relationships in the business segment "Health Care" Conpair is currently developing a fourth business segment "Sports Management" in order to be able to provide the customers in this segment with its long-time expertise as well.

At the beginning of 2021, Prof. Nelles took over the shares of the longstanding and deserving co-shareholders who have loyally stood by Conpair for almost two decades, have always supported the company and want to end their investment for reasons of age. Thus, the majority of the shares are now held by the company's founder - a positive signal for consistency and future security.