Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

The goal of Conpair is to keep the German Mittelstand strong across generations. In the field of Corporate Finance Conpair advises and supports medium-sized companies in all questions concerning the topic "financing", i.e. the sourcing and structuring of equity and debt capital.

For this purpose, Conpair structures individual financing solutions that have a sustainable and positive effect on the core elements of corporate development and corporate financing even years after the conclusion of the mandate.


In the following listed occasions an equity and/or debt financing could be considered:

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Refinancing
  • Optimization of the capital structure
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Growth Financing

Equity sourcing

The often low level of equity capital backing is a challenge for medium-sized companies when implementing their growth strategies, especially when raising capital or making targeted company acquisitions for strategic expansion.

In the field of equity Conpair focuses among others on the following topics:

  • Initial public offering (IPO)
  • Profit Participation Certificates
  • Capital increases
  • Open / silent partnerships
  • Private equity
  • Mezzanine capital

Debt capital sourcing

Medium-sized companies face high challenges in the supply of outside capital, not only in view of the increasingly critical house bank financing. It can be observed that the interest rate on historically grown financing is significantly higher than the current interest rate level; at the same time the relevant assets are secured and prevent the financing of the targeted organic and inorganic growth.

In addition to the structuring of equity capital Conpair also provides its know-how in the sourcing of debt capital. Focus topics here are among others:

  • Bond issues (Private/Public IBO)
  • Promissory note loans
  • Classical bank financing (also syndicated financing)
  • Private Debt
  • Mezzanine capital

Liquidity optimization

Many medium-size enterprises limit themselves regularly/frequently by the exclusive financing over grown house bank structures themselves. Often alternative possibilities of liquidity sourcing, especially via existing current assets, are not sufficiently considered. Especially the use of existing assets can release an enormous growth potential if an optimal approach is taken.

To optimize liquidity, special products from financing partners are used where necessary, such as

  • Factoring / Reverse Factoring
  • Leasing / Sale-and-lease-back
  • Stock financing
  • cash pooling

Conpair supports the customer during all process steps of a capital transaction

Together with the client company and the capital partners, Conpair develops a customized concept for the realization of the desired financing mix at attractive conditions, adapted to the individual requirements of the company.

The process accompanying tasks of Conpair include not only the preparation of all necessary documents and the preparation of the corporate planning but also the complete investor communication as well as support during the contract negotiations.

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