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Conpair has in the Health Care sector both in the inpatient and outpatient medical service provision and in the field of remedy providers long-standing customer and market knowledge as well as extensive experience in strategic consulting.

Among other things Conpair has structured the sale of a market-leading specialized clinic in the region to an institutional investor. Furthermore, the sale of the nationwide largest physiotherapy group Rehacon (now: Athera) to the investor Waterland Private Equity was the largest transaction in the German speaking physiotherapy market so far.

In both transactions Conpair has successfully accompanied the entire process, starting with the preparation of the investor documentation, the search for and approach of investors, the negotiation of purchase offers and the coordination of all examination procedures.


In addition to active mandates for the acquisition of dental and specialist doctor's practices and clinics, Conpair also advises innovative companies that are driving the digitalization process in the German healthcare industry.

Thus Conpair has an excellent network in the health care industry, both on the side of the service providers and on the side of the investors (strategic investors, private equity and family offices). Therefore Conpair is able to find the perfect partner for its customers and to reflect the company value in line with the market. The special focus of our consulting is on the following areas:

Fields of activity   Service providers
Strategy Consulting Hospitals
Project Management Rehab clinics
Acquisition and sale of companies Dental / Medical Practices
Market and competition analysis Outpatient forms of care (e.g. medical care center)
Potential analysis Nursing homes
Practice evaluation Therapy providers (especially physiotherapy)
Fields of activity
Strategy Consulting
Project Management
Acquisition and sale of companies
Market and competition analysis
Potential analysis
Practice evaluation
Service providers
Rehab clinics
Dental / Medical Practices
Outpatient forms of care (e.g. medical care center)
Nursing homes
Therapy providers (especially physiotherapy)


In the following the health care consulting services of Conpair are presented in extracts on the basis of the area’s strategy consulting, company purchase and sale, practice evaluation & potential analysis for health care professions as well as market and competition analyses:

Strategy consulting

  • Conpair attaches particular importance to develop individual and practical solutions in close cooperation with the clients.
  • Hospital strategies, for example, cannot be developed with the classical instruments. Particularities, such as the regularly changing legal framework in the health care system or the complexity of hospital services always require adapted and individual strategy concepts.
  • Conpair supports its clients in clearly identifying the strengths of their institution and in continuously expanding them. Special attention is paid to the identification of unique selling propositions, which distinguish the institution from its competitors and should be further consolidated.
  • Based on the results of the analysis of the status quo as well as the findings of differentiated market and competition analyses Conpair develops a targeted strategy catalog together with the clients (hospitals, Rehab centers, nursing homes etc.). Thereby important decision makers of the institution are involved in order to guarantee the later implementation of the planned changes and measures as well as to support a possible identification with e.g. a new owner.

Company acquisition and sale

  • The health care system is a growth driver and job engine for the German economy and is also one of the fastest changing industries. The challenges include demographic change, the shortage of skilled workers and digitization. In order to react optimally to these developments, Conpair structures customized transaction solutions for its clients. Furthermore, Conpair advises investment companies on the purchase and sale of their portfolio companies in the health care sector.
  • Conpair analyzes the external framework conditions, such as legal requirements and competitive structure, considering the internal company structures and special features. Conpair is well acquainted with the general conditions and the special regulatory requirements as well as with the challenges of the health care system.
  • Conpair has already successfully supported its clients in the purchase and sale of companies in the health care sector in more than 20 projects (among others hospitals & medical practices). Thereby Conpair benefits from a large network of potential buyers, sellers as well as idea and advice providers
  • In particular the structuring of the sale of a psychiatric institute outpatient clinic with attached medical care center has shown that Conpair is a competent and reliable companion even for complex transactions, with excellent contacts to investors in the health care sector.

Practice evaluation & potential analysis for health care providers

  • Conpair gladly takes over the consultation with a practice purchase or sale and offers in this context an upstream practice evaluation as well as potential analysis. Our core competence includes business management consulting and the identification of the decisive set screws (via potential analysis) by means of which the profitability and thus the value of a practice can be directly increased.
  • For the range of the physical therapy Conpair created with the Website a platform, which determines practice owners with little expenditure within short time an approximate practice value. Thus, Conpair creates, apart from a practice value orientation, the transparency about purchase prices and evaluation procedures in the field of physiotherapy, which was missing until then. Thereby Conpair profits from the extensive experience in the cooperation with the nationwide largest physiotherapy groups.

Market and competition analyses

  • Conpair analyzes the market and competitive situation of the service providers in the health care sector and follows a comprehensive research approach. For hospitals or medical practices Conpair offers, for example, to carry out a competitor benchmarking, to examine the market shares for certain special fields and to work out the special legal and political challenges.
  • Furthermore, Conpair identifies internal, medical growth potentials as well as external growth opportunities, such as targeted acquisitions. Thereby Conpair analyzes the status quo in a holistic view in order to show well-founded decision bases with realistic action alternatives and their economic effects.

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