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Liquidity Advisory

A lot of medium-sized companies restrict their financing by only relying on their house banks. The German Mittelstand hardly considers other options such as asset-based financing to create additional liquidity. The use of existing assets and our holistic financing approach can unlock substantial growth.


Conpair offers its clients a variety of different solutions to optimize liquidity in a sustainable way:

Based on our long-standing expertise we are able to identify key balance sheet levers to optimize liquidity. This is followed by an implementation phase in which we harmonize different liquidity instruments and work closely with our financing partners. The project scope often includes the simultaneous implementation of both liquidity and debt instruments.

Reasons for liquidity measures Liquidity instruments
Liquidity procurement Factoring
Growth financing Reverse factoring
Equipment financing Warehouse financing
Rating improvement Leasing
Reduction of capital committed Sale-and-lease-back
Cash pooling
Reasons for liquidity measures
Liquidity procurement
Growth financing
Equipment financing
Rating improvement
Reduction of capital committed
Liquidity instruments
Reverse factoring
Warehouse financing
Cash pooling