Mergers & Acquisitions in Essen

Mergers & Acquisitions

The German corporate landscape is subject to constant change. A direct consequence of this is a large number of M&A transactions. Every year, more than 2,000 company acquisitions and sales are recorded, a large proportion of which are attributable to the German Mittelstand. The reasons for corporate transactions are manifold.

Company acquisitions (be it in the form of 100% takeovers or partial purchases) can be made for the purpose of extending the value chain or for expansion into new markets, for example abroad. The goal of market consolidation, especially in highly fragmented industries, is also increasingly in the focus of existing market leaders or new financial investors entering the market. Another exemplary reason for company acquisitions is the acquisition of companies by existing or future management.


Company sales often result from existing succession problems when previously owner- or family-run medium-sized companies cannot find an internal successor and therefore consider selling their company to external investors.

A further reason can be the desired addition of strategic partners who, together with the previous owners, drive the further growth of the company with their know-how and capital. Also, the sale of divisions and business units that no longer fit into the strategic focus is very present in German Mittelstand.


Reasons for corporate transactions

As diverse as the reasons for transactions can be, so different are the associated prerequisites, structures and challenges. For example, company owners usually have a high level of operational expertise, but are unable to communicate the advantages of their company to the often number-driven investors. The complexity and diversity of an M&A process can therefore usually not be handled by company buyers and sellers alone, so that experienced transaction support staff are usually called in to ensure a successful process.

Conpair as a holistic M&A process companion

Conpair accompanies acquisitions and sales of companies holistically and structures the often complex and over months lasting overall process - starting with first structural considerations up to the closing of the sales contracts - for its clients. In doing so Conpair draws on decades of experience and process expertise as well as a broad network on the buyer and seller side.

Reasons for company acquisitions

Extension of the value chain

Expansion abroad

Market Consolidation

Management buy-out

Reasons for company sales

Succession arrangements

Addition of strategic partners (partial sale)

Strengthening the capital base (partial sale)

Disposal of strategically unwanted segments


Example of a succession plan

First company analysis

Preparation of investor presentations

Preparation of business plan

Investor search and selection

Investor approach

Coordination and moderation of investor meetings

Obtaining offers

Evaluation and renegotiation of offers

Coordination of the audit activities

Support during negotiations and the execution of the purchase contracts

Idealistic company acquisition process

The extensive process steps, which Conpair coordinates (here exemplarily represented by a succession plan) and leads in agreement with their clients, are manifold. These include among other things a first comprehensive company analysis, on the basis of which a custom-fit investor documentation (investor presentation, business plan) is created, the pre-selection and selection of suitable investors, their subsequent approach as well as the coordination and moderation of the investor meetings. Subsequently, Conpair manages the obtaining of purchase offers, their evaluation and renegotiation and coordinates the subsequent audit procedures as well as the negotiation and closing of the purchase contracts after the selection of the suitable investor.


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